Model:Orthopedic casting tape


Product Details

Use Method:

1. Apply 1-2 layers stockinet over the affected part and additional padding can be used.

2. Wear surgical gloves.

3. Before opening the bag, choose the proper size.

4. Immerse the cast in room temperature water(20~25℃) for 3~6 seconds and squeeze it 2~3 times.

    The warmer the water is, the shorter the setting time is.

5. Wrap the cast spirally. Just 3~4 layers should be wrapped on the non-weight-bearing position and 5~6 layers should be wrapped

    on the weight-bearing position.

6. Smooth and rub the surface to achieve good adhesiveness. Operation should be finished in 3~5 minutes.

7. Use electric plaster saw to remove it.