Product Features: Compared with POP bandage, they have these advantages:

1. High hardness(20 times harder) and light weight(1/5 of POP bandage).

2. Good air-permeability.

3. Fast solidification.

    Orthopedic casting tape—7-8min;

    Orthopedic splint—5-6min;

    POP bandage--24h

4. Through X-ray radiolucency.

5. Good waterproofness. Patients can wear it to bathe.

6. Convenient operation and better shape.

7. Comfortable and safe.

8. Easy to remove.

    Orthopedic casting tape-- use electric plaster saw;

    Orthopedic splint--use scissors

9. Various specifications and colors.

    Specification: 2" 3" 4" 5" 6"

    Color: White, blue, red, green, yellow etc.

Cast Padding

Fast fix fiberglass cast tape

Orthopedic splint

Orthopedic casting tape

Electrode holders tape, welding tape

HG Armored Tape