Model:Orthopedic splint


Product Details

  • The fifth generation of medical polymer splint (enviromental mesh cloth splint)(polymer mesh splint) Instead of the traditional plaster bandage(P.O.P bandage).

The fifth generation of medical polymer splint
(orthopedic splint)(medical fiberglass splint)(orthopedic medical splint)

The fifth generation of medical polymer splint SY company production (environmental l mesh splint):the upper colorful elastic net cloth, 
mesh cloth glue intermediate layer by layer, the lower layer is a thick white non woven, composed of three parts.

Environmental friendly products:  All are polyester material,no glass fiber.No stimulating and itching when used by patients. 

After use,the products can be completely burned, It meet the medical requirements of environmental protection.

Product use: For external fixation of fracture. Products supporting the Department of orthopedics trauma operation. 
Instead of the traditional plaster bandage(P.O.P bandage).

Performance characteristics: 
1.light and strong 
2.Air permeability is better
3.X ray transparent, clean 
4.Environmental protection and other advantages
5.The doctor is more convenient in operation, the patients more comfortable to use.

Method of use(Operation):
1.Choice of splint corresponding specification according to the size of the affected part.
2.Don't wear gloves when operating
3 Remove the bag, take the splint to faucets, splint an opening into the water,
  filled with water and distributed evenly,then drained the water.
4.Erase the excess water,maintain lower thick nonwoven fabric mat drying.
5.The thick layer of non-woven fabric liner attached to the affected part, shape like a semi tubular. 
  (polymer splint softer and more easy to shape.)
6.Splint two upward turned out, bent 180 degrees, folding length according to the situation. 
  (splint long don't cut,folded together into two ply overlap. So higher strength, movable more comfortable.)
7.The topical gauze outside of splint in just tightness.
operation only needs 3 minutes, hardening in 10 minutes the affected part can not move freely, after 15 minutes,finished totally.
9 required operation time longer, splint can first not to pour water, direct fixed, wound with gauze bandage or elastic bandage, 
  the outer liner spraying water to accelerate the rate of hardening.
10.Cut gauze bandage or elastic bandage can be easily removed splint. Patients can clean by self.

Mode    Specification(W×L)  Packing 
SS312   7.5cm×30cm        90bags/2boxes/carton   
SS336   7.5cm×90cm        40bags/2boxes/carton 
SS416   10cm×40cm         60bags/2boxes/carton 
SS420   10cm×50cm         50bags/2boxes/carton 
SS430   10cm×75cm         40bags/2boxes/carton
SS530   12.5cm×75cm       30bags/2boxes/carton 
SS546   12.5cm×115cm     20bags/2boxes/carton
SS630   15cm×75cm          30bags/2boxes/carton
SS646   15cm×115cm        20bags/2boxes/carton

◆Be careful and avoid breaking the package.
◆Please store SY polymer mesh splint at room temperature.
◆Damaged products by careless handling can’t be returned and exchanged .Please handle and store them carefully. 
◆The shelf life of SY polymer mesh splint is 3 years from the day of production.

ISO13485:2003       CE(No.01964)         ZL 2015 2 0205927.9