Model:Electrode holders tape, welding tape


Product Details

  • Electrode holders tape, welding tape
    size2in.×4yds. (5cm×3.6m)


    ApplicationThe tape protect for hanging Electrode holders in motor vehicle.
    1.Insulation : the formation of insulating layer on the surface electrode holder arm to prevent the current welding work plate contact welding caused by shunt. thereby effectively preventing the virtual welding produce to ensure that the Welding Strength.
    2.Protection : Form a stolid layer on the surface of electrode holder, prevent injury of sharp steel plate, extending the life of electrode holder.

    .Features and Benefits

    1Compared with the traditional adhesive tape, welding tape maintain the original setting when Welding in heating state, without softening

    2Compared with the traditional canvas winding methodSY welding tape lightercompact structure, appearance, easy to operate economic energy consumption.
    3Compared with the traditional asbestos and firberglass, popular with the common automobile factory ISO14001 environmental protection requirements.
    4Simple and easy to use, fast and convenient replacement process

    5High-quality imported raw materials, quality is stable and reliable.


    1Wear PVC gloves

    2Open one bag every timedo not open several bags once time),Keep the electrode holders tape soaked in water at 25 ℃35sceondthe tape is fully filled with waterThen squeeze the adhesive tape 23 timesSqueeze out excess water

    3Close to the holders wound spirally rolling, eight floors above, so as to cement pressed  between each.
    4operation within three minutes after flooding, then play a protective role after 10 minutes

    Storage Cool dry storage
    Term of validity3 years